明けましておめでとうございます! 今年もどうぞよろしくお願いします♡
というわけで、2016年一発目の記事は、めでたく今夏に日本公開が(ようやく!)決まった『Legend』でトムハと共演している、いまをときめく若手俳優タロン・エジャトンくんのインタビュー聞きとり和訳からいきたいと思います! ネタバレは特にないと思いますが、完全にネタバレなしで映画をご覧になりたい方はご注意くださいね。

On his character:
Teddy Smith is part of the firm, but specifically one of Ron’s boys. He had a relationship with him, he’s one of the several lovers, I think. And he’s kind of…yeah, I think his interaction depends largely on Ron, his interaction with the rest of the firm depends largely on Ron being there. He’s a sort of, you know, yeah, he’s one of these young lads…


Teddy’s relationship with Ronnie:
There is a dynamic in their relationship where on one hand, Ron possibly uses Teddy as a…as a leaning post of sorts, although he’s never admit to it himself, as a kind of an emotional support, someone to bolster him, perhaps. But then the flip side of it I think as well is that he has to constantly remind Teddy that, you know, he’s the one in charge and he has life or death control over him. But I quite like to think in a way that Teddy gets a weird kick out of that really, you know? Well, I think he occasionally likes to sort of…just push his luck a little bit.


On Brian Helgeland
He’s an Oscar winning writer but seems to delight in…you not honoring what he’s written. I think he really welcomes improvisation, and not even suggesting things before a scene. I think he…I won’t put his words in my mouth, but I think he quite likes it when you sort of surprise him, you know? So, with the endless opportunities to kind of add little bits and bobs in, and you know…and I think there’s something, provided you’re sensible with it, I think improvisation can really bring something to life.


On working with Tom Hardy
Working with Tom is um…is quite extraordinary actually, he’s…you know, he’s a…he’s quite an intimidating character, and I think he’s known for playing…um, characters who are sort of…who are slightly you know, on the edge, have a violent streak…and um, and being around, and being around and with that in a scene takes a little bit of getting used to, cause it’s very, very…it’s very authentic you know, he does have this real…um, threat and menace bubbling there all the time, you know, and it’s um…but um, I mean, I don’t know if he’d like me saying this, but you get to know very quickly (and easily) that he’s a very very very generous, warm-hearted, big-hearted man.


Tom Hardy as both Ronnie and Reggie Kray
Tom plays Ron Kray, who’s the vast majority of my material is with, but he also plays Reggie Kray, his brother. And it has been really really really, really incredible, watching that come to life and to take shape both in terms of what they’re achieving with camera use in the cinematography of it, but also Tom and how he’s managing to build a fraternal relationship with himself. It’s incredible.
So he’ll…he’ll…they’ll film one side of the conversation, sometimes using a split screen for example, where they’ll film uh, say Reggie on one side and then, he’ll then sort of swap around to the other side of the screen, different make-up, and film as Ron, with Reggie’s dialog being played out to him in his ear. And what…what he’s then able to do, I mean it must take him so much work before hand, and he must know the script inside-out, is he…he’s able to interrupt himself, play off reactions you know, plan little…little minute reactions, all without you know…because acting is all about give and take really, and he’s managing to achieve that completely on his own…it really is quite…quite incredible and quite wonderful to watch.

トムは……ええと、その、まずは会話の片側を、例えばレジーの部分をスプリットスクリーン(画面が複数に分割された映像)とかで撮影した後、メイクを変えて、今度はロンとして反対側の画面に映るようにしながら、イヤモニとかでレジーの台詞を聞きつつ演技するんだ。そのときのトムと言ったらもう……事前に恐ろしいほど準備しておかなくちゃいけないだろうし、脚本を完全に把握しているんだろうと思うんだけど、トムは自分を相手に台詞をさえぎったり、互いに反応しあったり、ほんのちょっとした細かいリアクションをすることができるんだ。相手役がいないのにだよ? 演技って、結局のところ互いに反応しあうことから成り立っているのに、トムはそれを完全に独りでやりきったんだ。本当に……本当に途方もないことだし、見ていて本当にすごかったよ。


タロンくん、トムハについてものすごく丁寧に言葉を選びながら答えてくれていますがw つまりは「暴力的で恐い役ばっかり演じてるし、演技がやたらリアルなせいで本人もわりとそんな感じに見えて最初恐かったけど、実はいいひとだったよ♡」ってことですよね。確かニコラス・ホルトも似たようなことを言ってましたw


タロンくんの、テディの分析がなかなかおもしろいです! 確かに予告編などの映像を見ると、ロニーに負けず劣らずクレイジーで(なにしろ、テディの通り名は『マッド・テディ・スミス』だったわけですもんね)強気で、神経が太くて、でも変な愛嬌がある、という感じがするので、ロニーとかなりのお似合いっぷりだったんでしょうね♡(*´∀`*)
そしてタロンくん、ほかのインタビュー動画などを見ていても思いましたが、とても賢くていい子ですね♡ 自分に求められている反応を瞬時に察知しつつ、自分が言いたいこととそれを上手く擦り合わせ、かつユーモアをまじえて誰も傷つけないような答えを返す、というのはなかなかの芸当だと思います〜。それでいて変にスレた感じもなく、おぬし若いのにやるな、と思いました…!

いやはや、トムハの二役があちこちで非常に高く評価されているし、予告編がどれもすんごくかっこよくて血がたぎるしで、もともとめちゃくちゃ楽しみにしていたLegendですが、さらに楽しみになりました!! 映画館のスクリーンで見るのが待ちきれないです!!

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