タロンくんとコリンさんのインタビュー記事をあれこれ読んでいて、これは可愛い! と思ったものを自分メモも兼ねてちまちまとまとめて抄訳してみました♡ 元記事は雑誌名などにリンクしてあります♡

Huffington Post UK (26/Jan, 2015)

インタビュアー:This cast list reads like a dream roll-call of A-list actors – Samuel L Jackson, Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Michael Caine… who was the most intimidating of this lot for you, and who took you under their wing?


タロン:It sounds like a bullet dodge but the idea of them all was very intimidating, but it became apparent very quickly when I mean them all that that wasn’t their style.
They all made a real effort to make me feel relaxed, and (as far as possible) forget how iconic they all are. In terms of being taken under anyone’s wing it was probably Colin because we spent the most time together. He and I chatted a lot outside of work. He was always texting me to make sure I was okay, or any advice I needed. Colin really guided me throughout the whole process. He was super cool.


インタビュアー:This is a pretty big leap for you, career-wise. What’s been the biggest change to your life since you got the role?

タロン:I’ve got Colin Firth’s number in my phone! (laughs)

(撮影がもっとも大変だったシーンは? という話から)

タロン:So with the underwater scene, I had never done any diving before. I did a very small amount for a couple of hours of anticipation of shooting that scene, but the thing that’s really hard is you have to do that ‘mind of matter’ thing. Reminding yourself that your lungs are going to cope for a lot longer than your brain tells you they are. Because when you first start doing it (personally, I am sorry to say I am a smoker), after about 12 or 13 seconds I’m thinking “I’ve got to get out and get some air!” But what happens is you gradually start to relax and the anxiety dissipates, and you find you can go for really long takes.


*ここの部分、コリンさんは特に関係ないんですが、タロンくんが煙草吸うってことがはっきりわかる記事だったので(少なくともこの記事の時点では、ということですけれども)抜粋してみました♡ 煙草を手にしているお写真が何枚か出まわってましたし、以下のMVに出演したときに煙草を吸うしぐさが手慣れていたので、どうなのかな〜となんとなく気になっていたのでしたw 個人的には、煙草のにおいや煙がとても苦手なんですが、映画や小説だと雰囲気があってかっこよくていいなと思ってしまいます♡

Man of Many (3/July, 2015)

インタビュアー:What has it been like working with these big names?

タロン:The really striking thing is how normal they all become very quickly. The first day I met Colin it was like, “Oh my God, it’s Colin Firth.” He’s one of my favourite actors, and has been for many years. But he’s just a lovely, normal bloke who has looked after me throughout all this, really.

本当にびっくりしたのは、それがあっという間にふつうの状態になったこと。コリンに初めて会ったときは「うわ、信じられない! コリン・ファースがいる!」って感じだった。もうずっと長いこと、コリンはおれが一番好きな俳優のひとりだったから。でも彼はごくふつうの、すごく素敵なひとで、最初から最後までずっとおれの面倒をみてくれたんだ。

Short List (22/Jan, 2015)


“I call this the established actor pose,” quips Colin Firth draping himself over an armchair in Claridges, to the delight and amusement of ShortList’s photographer. “Oh God, the pressure’s on me now to say something absolutely hilarious,” laughs 25-year-old Taron Egerton, Firth’s co-star in the forthcoming Kingsman: The Secret Service and a young man on the cusp of announcing himself as one of the hottest young actors in Hollywood.



Is that why your wife calls you the ‘King in Spanx’, Colin?
C: [Laughs] Are they the ones that pull your gut in?
T: Oh you do not have a gut!
C: Er, I think it may be a reference to the tight costumes in The King’s Speech and Mamma Mia! I’ve been in some less-than-gentlemanly costumes over the years…



インタビュアー:Colin, as an Oscar-winning actor at the top of his game, what career advice do you have for Taron?

コリン:Taron is brilliant. Matthew [Vaughn] scoured the world and this is who he chose, and you can see why. He’s got a brilliant eye for casting, as we’ve seen without exception in all his films. The fact that Taron has taken to it so naturally is really no surprise. In terms of acting, the truth is that it’s probably still just as mysterious to those of us who’ve been doing it all these years. Why does it work sometimes and not others?


タロン:Which is certainly more refreshing than someone making out that acting is this nebulous, mystical thing. It’s quite simple: you pretend to be someone else.



Nobody would troll Colin Firth, surely?
T: No chance, he’s universally adored!
C: [Laughs]


Interview (22/Sep, 2014)

Egerton auditioned for the film at the director’s house while Vaughn’s wife, Claudia Schiffer, offered to make him a sandwich (“It was really surreal”), and while filming, he got to practice script lines in a pub with his acting hero Firth.


InStyle UK (April 2016)


タロン:Lovely. The first day on set, he made sure I got his number. Of course, I was like “Oh my god. Colin Firth has given me his number.” But it really made me feel on a level with him. Now we text and go for lunch, but I’ll always remember that – it was classy.


Cineworld (26/Jan, 2015)

タロン:But the wonderful thing about Colin is that he’s not the kind of person who would ever presume to give advice – he’s too humble for that. There was a day on set where we had a scene together, and for whatever reason I wasn’t getting it. Matthew couldn’t really understand why, and I couldn’t understand what Matthew wanted – these things happen, you know. And this went on for some time and I was getting more and more frustrated and Colin for the whole time didn’t say anything until the point where I said, ‘Colin, you gotta help me out here, mate, I don’t know what I’m doing.’ And then he was like, ‘Okay, here’s what I think you should do…’ And that’s the loveliness of him. He was there ready to give advice but he would never have forced it on me had I not asked for it.”




……ちまちまとではあっても、こうして集めてみるとなかなかの威力ですな! たぶんそれでもまだ氷山の一角にすぎないんだろうな、というのがすごいところですよねw また溜まったらアップしたいと思います♡

ちなみに、今回分をまとめると。コリンはお腹なんか出てないし、万人から愛されてるし、出逢った初日に携帯番号をさらっと粋に教えてくれて、いつも大丈夫かどうか気にかけてメールしてくれて、セリフの練習にもつきあってくれるし、仕事以外でも会ってくれるし、聞かれるまではそっと見守りつつ聞かれればきっちりとアドバイスして助けてくれる、おれのヒーローなんだ! ってことでよろしいでしょうか……タロンくん……!! そしていまはもうわりと気軽に連絡しあってランチにも行くよ♡ ってタロンくん……!!!

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